Learn how to make a website
hi, we are oncebot and we make simple and beautiful websites
This is how we work
  • 1. You contact us and tell us your requirements
  • 2. We ask you some specific questions about the project so that we can send you the accurate price quote and time required for the project
  • 3.Once we send you the pricing , time and offer and you can then choose to accept or reject our offer
  • 4.If you accept our offer then you pay us the 60% of the total payment and we start working on it
  • 5.We send you the final project to let you check it and make some minor changes if required
  • 6.Once you are satisfied with the project you pay us the rest of the 40% and we hand you over your project and you become one of our happy customers :)
Company / Business site
A sophisticated website for your company or business making it available 24/7
₹8000 - ₹15000
Blog / Portfolio site
Website best suited for artist, writers, photographer and hobbyist
₹8000 - ₹12000
School / Insititutional site
A professional website with a optional student management system.
₹15000 - ₹40000
Online Store
Beautiful design and fast performance to get your business going
₹30000 - ₹50000
Startup / Custom site
We just love startups, so if you have something unique let us know ;)
₹15000 - ₹??????
Redesign / Upgrade
To upgrade the design of your existing site or add new features to it
₹4000 - ₹10000
Fixing problems
If your current site is having some issues or performance slowdown
₹3000 - ₹15000
If you have something in mind related to web that we missed to mention
Do you need a backend service for your site?

A back end service is what you can use to control your site like adding new products, adding images, changing site name etc.

IMPORTANT: This will increase the price quote for your project depending on the features you want

Not Sure
What would you like to control/manage in your site?

Things like adding new items, changing images, changing site name etc.

IMPORTANT: This will increase the price quote for your project depending on the features you want here

How you want your site to look like?

Give us some links to sites that you like for design

I dont have any design Preferance
How you want your site to work like?

Give us links to any existing site that is similar functionality wise

Not sure
Do you already have a website?
What is your website link?
Describe us your project, bacically your rough idea of what you want us to do
What is your budget?
I'm not sure
Now tell us about you
Your name
Your email
Your phone number
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Things we maintain strictly
We are open to various kind of partnerships

We are interested in becoming an outsourcing/affiliate partner, Even if you are an individual interested in partnering with us , we are open to that, just contact us at hi@oncebot.com to discuss it further.